The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is available to patients at NO-COST.

Who is eligible to receive this vaccine?

The Johnson vaccine is specifically for individuals 18 years of age or older. Minors are not eligible to receive this vaccine.

When can someone get the second dose?

You are eligible for a booster 8 weeks after your primary dose.If you’d like a booster, please bring your vaccine with you to the appointment.

More details about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine:

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is Viral Vector vaccine. The vaccine is free from eggs, preservatives, metal & latex. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has an emergency use authorization from the FDA.

Once you receive your shot, you will be required to wait a minimum of 15 minutes, and up the 30 minutes, in order to monitor for adverse side effects.

Click here for more information from the CDC.

About your Appointment

  • We offer drive-up style appointments! Remain in your vehicle & someone will come out to help you! Don’t have a vehicle? A team member will bring a chair outside for you to sit in while you wait!
  • Vaccination at our facility can be up to a 45 minute process. You remain in your car, an authorized and trained healthcare professional will verify your information, administer your vaccine, allocate your vaccination card- and then you will remain on site for 15* minutes to ensure there are no allergic reactions. (some pre-existing conditions will require a 30 minute monitoring time)
  • Wear a loose fitting or short sleeve shirt, as the vaccine is administered in the top of the arm.
  • All forms and bookings are completed online to avoid filling out paperwork when you arrive, this greatly reduces the appointment time and gets you back on the road more quickly!

Group Vaccinations

Generally, we are able to accommodate mobile vaccinations for groups of 16 or more in the DFW area. With a group this size, we can send someone out for a 60 minute window to administer vaccinations.

Have unique circumstances, or don’t meet the above requirements? We may be able to accommodate you, just give us a call! We work with several large groups that are a considerable distance from our facility!


Yes. If you are interested in the PEDIATRIC covid-19 vaccine, please CLICK HERE for more information

Yes! We are open on Saturdays until 3 PM CST

I can’t find your parking lot, help! We are located on the west side of the building in suite 102 (the side of the building that faces Midway Rd.)

Yes! Just keep in mind, a separate appointment and form is required for each individual being tested